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Wed Mar 4 17:05:42 CET 2015

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I have triggered action based on a piece moving from a defined location
to another one.  The way I did it was by this:

1) On the Map Window, for "Key Command to apply to all units ending
movement on this map:" field, I would call it "MovedOnMap"

2) Under the piece, I would set up a Trigger Trait:

     a) For "Trigger when properties match: I would type:
     b) For "Watch for these Keystrokes" I would type: MovedOnMap
     c) I would then assign a keystroke to perform and then have it
perform actions based on this.

The problem I ran into is that on one map, instead of adding a
Multi-Zoned Grid, I added an irregular grid.  I gave the regions on the
maps name, but I notice the trigger "OldZone!=CurrentZone" no longer
works for the field that triggers when the properties match.  I tried
"OldRegion!=CurrentRegion" and that did not work either.

What command do use in this instance?

I also wanted to create triggers based on the property match of a
piece's location such as "CurrentZone=="VP Track 1" but again,
CurrentZone does not appear to work with Irregular grids.  I was
guessing whatever worked on the first question works here, also, but if
not, could you please tell me what command I would need for this field?


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