[messages] [Module Design] How do I get a HOTKEY to trigger a counter?

starfish krhogan at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 17:04:42 CET 2015

I am trying to understand how to use a Action Button to trigger action
for a specific counter.  When I add the button, I have the option to
send a Hotkey, and chose "CTRL R" as the action to send.  I know this is
being sent as I also have a die (Add Dice Button) and when I have this
triggered by CTRL R, the die rolls.  Great.   But what I want to do, is
have a counter on my map called "Rolls Remaining" to "run".   By run, I
mean I want the TRIGGER command (currently set to CTRL R) to trip and it
to do its thing, one of which is to set the global property of the value
 Rolls_Left to  -1.    

I am thinking that the issue is that the counter is not "SELECTED" and
thus is not getting the CTRL R.  If I hit CTRL R on my keyboard, nothing

I know that I can get this to work by building a "ROLL" counter and
putting it on the map, but I kinda was hoping to do this via the menu

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