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Tim M timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 6 20:29:31 CET 2015

"Extralean" wrote:
> I hope this is simple to do.
> I added a button to my Player Hand labelled "Draw Card". With this
> button I would like to be able to draw a card from Deck A into my hand
> (as per Combat Commander) by pressing on the button. 
> How do I go about doing this?

Assuming your Action Button has an Invoke Key Command of "DrawCard"

Add a marker trait 
name: ButtonValue
Value : 1

Also add a Global Key Command
Description: Draws the card
Command Name: (no entry)
Keyboard Command: "DrawCard"
Global Key Command: "GotoButton1"
Matching Properties: DeckName = (name of your deck)
Within Deck, apply to: Fixed number of pieces 1

Now on each  card in your deck (best done w/ a prototype) add a Send to
Location trait
Description: Send card to Button 1
Keyboard Command: "GotoButton1"
Destination : Another counter, selected by properties
Property Match: ButtonValue = 1
all other fields in this trait should be blank

All there is to it - this will place a card on top of your button when
pressed. If you have multiple buttons like the CC mod, the button value
would be different for each button and you would add a STL trait for
each button to your cards (why best to use prototype) matching the
button value

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