[messages] [Module Design] Tips for Making Cards Look Nice and Straight?

rookiebatman rookiebatman at mail.com
Sat Mar 7 03:58:16 CET 2015

I'm really thinking about doing a VASSAL module (for a game I have that
takes up a lot of table space), but I am daunted because I've never done
it before and it seems like a lot of work.  So far, I've made scans of
the cards, and I figured that would be the most tedious part, but then I
realized that I'd have to take those scans and turn them into individual
image files for each card.  And for the module to look "real," each of
these files would theoretically be depicting a perfectly straight card
with no borders or white space around the card, even though that's
obviously not how they came out just from the scans.  I'm pretty
familiar with the basics of GIMP, so I know how to rotate images and
stuff like that, but I'd like to know if there are any time-saving
tricks to decrease the tedium of minutely rotating each card until it
appears to be pretty much straight, and then erasing the white space (by
hand, to some extent), carefully, to make sure I don't erase any of the
actual card.

I figure anyone who's made a module from any kind of card-heavy game
must have developed some good tips and time-savers for this sort of

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