[messages] [Module Design] Viewing/Selecting Discard Deck Cards

downs downs.bo192 at free.fr
Mon Mar 9 00:14:13 CET 2015

With the "Draw Specific Cards" function, you can display the $BasicName$
which may be set to whatever you want and could be more explicit than
the file name (or not...)

Another simple solution that may better suit your need is to create a
button in the window to cycle through the cards of the deck :
- add a global key command in the window
- matching properties: the discard deck
- apply only to one piece in the deck
- key command: DOWN (the arrow key)

This will send the first card to the bottom of the deck, hence showing
the next card. By clicking repeatedly the button (or the hotkey) you
will cycle through the deck (this could also be done with a GKC of the
deck itself, but in this case you need to right click on the deck, which
I find less convenient).

If you want to be able to cycle also in the other direction, I can
provide instructions but it is much more complicated (I've never put all
the pieces together, but it should work! There may also be easier ways
that I'm not aware of...)

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