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Kelin kfield111 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 9 22:21:22 CET 2015

I am not a vassal guru by any means but I may be able to help get you
going.  If I understand your game module correctly...

You could try creating your dice as game pieces within a deck.  One deck
for each player and a final empty deck to act as the "pool".

This would allow you to be able to keep each players dice separate and
organized and then allow a player to pull any number of dice they would
like from their pile and place them into the empty "pool" deck.  Once
all pieces are placed you can have the deck set to "Always Reshuffle" so
that you always pull a random dice.  Once the turn is over you can
create a button that says "End Turn" or whatever you want that will send
a hot key to tell the dice to return to their respective decks.

I believe all of those techniques are covered in the Vassal
documentation but if you need further help there is a step by step
tutorial on how to create these effects if you Youtube "Vassal 101
Tutorials".  Also I can help you set up these features if you would like
a more direct help approach.

Hope this is enlightening.

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