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Tankboy photon911xr at msn.com
Sat Mar 14 19:01:20 CET 2015

Also having the same issue's in our Devil's Cauldron Campaign game.  We
played Where Eagles Dare campaign from June of last year and finished in
January with no problems in connectivity or synching.  Our new Campaign,
which started out fine the first few weeks (end of January) has been
nothing but aggravation the past 5 weeks with me and one other AT&T
user, the other 3 players involved are having no issues, but neither do
they have AT&T as their ISP.
We are the same players from the first campaign, the only difference is
that we are playing on Thursday evenings instead of Tuesday evenings.

Spent an hour with AT&T live chat earlier today, with no solution.   I
have a wireless router 3801HGV.  

Would like to hear more from the person about switching the DSL to

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