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luca lbalestreri at cro.it
Tue Mar 17 09:12:16 CET 2015

hi steve
I share more or less your wargaming career...ftf boardgaming during the
80'....PC in the 90'....
I do not know very well Midway but I played a lot both ftf and Vassal
FLAT TOP, that is somethig similar. Well, it is very hard to play that
kind of game using vassal PBEM. The level of interaction between gamers
in games where for example you search on the map, is very high and the
only way to re-create this with vassal is playing live using skype (if
you have time!). Or, as I did in the past, using a refree in a double
blind PBEM game. Vassal is simply a virtual game board and counters, you
are supposed to know the rules of the game and it fits perfectly in
games where the play sequence is I-go-you-go. If more interaction is
needed then it will slow down according to the level of interaction
(example...defender retreats 2 hexes due to combat...where will you go
if more than one option?...send a mail and wait for the opponent
Anyway this is my opinion, open to suggestions from fellow gamers.
PS you can contact me in italian if you want, I live there too...

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