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Tabpub robertdavidson2 at att.net
Tue Mar 17 17:07:22 CET 2015

"revans" wrote:
> I have not had any trouble since I started using the ethernet cable
> rather than the wifi connection.  I can't explain why only the Vassal
> program and website seemed to have trouble with my wifi to computer
> connection, but it appears that is the case.  Been fine for a week
> now.
> "Tankboy" wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > Would like to hear more from the person about switching the DSL to
> > Ethernet.

Well, I am not a comp tech or anything, but as I recall this is
bypassing the firewall in the router (you have a 2Wire router probably).
This statement plus a traceroute that I ran during an attempted(failed)
connection to a game that showed timeouts occurring at the router led me
to this conclusion that the internal hard firewall in the router is to
blame. It's evidently thinking that the data coming in is some sort of
intrusion perhaps.

I have had 2 successes to date in connecting without having to 'wire up'
the connection (which would be a pain) and when I have repeated this, I
will post on what I did then.

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