[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] AppData/Roaming folder

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Mar 17 22:12:10 CET 2015

Thus spake mcszarka:
> I'm having problems with using VASSAL on my work laptop.  Apparently the
> university I work for has a limit of 200Mb in the user AppData/Roaming
> folder.  The VASSAL tiles folder uses way more than that with only a few
> modules installed.  Is there any way to get all the App data to go onto
> my C: drive in some other folder instead of the user roaming folder? 
> Currently, the system doesn't allow me to log off until I clear out the
> folder.

I've noted this problem as Bug 12193:


Try the VASSAL-3.2.16-svn9184 build, available here:


You should be able to set the path to the VASSAL config directory using
-DVASSAL.home=/path/to/config/dir as an option when you launch VASSAL.

Does that work for you?


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