[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Weird (inconsistent) action button behaviour

Benkyo benkyo at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 13:39:01 CET 2015

I have these action buttons set up, and they work fine. Click, lots of
stuff happens, very convenient.

One day I noticed that I could add a Trigger Action with a menu command,
which performed slightly different Keystrokes to the Trigger Action
triggered by the Action Button, so a user could right-click the action
button and select a menu command for a different result than a

Multi-function action buttons, awesome!

I made three such buttons, which are functionally identical, with the
same traits in the same orders, with only a different Global Key Command
trait and a different Report Action text in each button. All the rest is
tied to the same Prototype, which is where the right-click Trigger
Actions also are.

Here's the weird bit:
Two of the buttons work "as intended". You can left-click on them for a
(non-menu) Trigger Action or right-click on them for different (menu)
Trigger Actions.
One of the buttons works differently. If you right-click on it the
non-menu Trigger Action triggers, then the right-click menu Trigger
Actions appear, and clicking on them works as expected.

How is this possible? Which of the two results is a bug, and which is
how the Vassal devs would expect things to happen?

Thanks for reading!

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