[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] ATT 2wire routers and connectivity with vassalengine

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Thu Mar 19 21:33:46 CET 2015

Thus spake Tabpub:
> My belief was that it is a problem with our routers firewall treating
> this as intrusion/attack; traceroutes ran during failed connections
> showed timeouts at gateway and next immediate connection in route.

I suspect that's a spurious conclusion---you're firewall and some of
the intermediate network infrastructure might simply be configured not
to respond to pings.

> I do note that in the allow individual applications, there is a 'server'
> setting, which then lists all the different types. 
> If I knew the information, it might be possible to do the change there
> to allow data in to the network. Choice are many; DNS, FTP, POP3, etc
> .....doing something like this would probably be 'better' than the
> DMZplus method; but again, I am not informed enough to render a
> verdict/answer to that.

VASSAL's game server is on port 5050 on our machine. The port you're
using locally to connect to it could be anything above 1024. I don't
understand why what you're doing would help, since our game server isn't
initiating connections to client machines. (Nor is our web server, which
people had similar trouble connecting to.)
> This may also be mooted by the fact that ATT was apparently treating
> this IP as a spam source; and therefore it might have also been
> inhibiting data transfer from it as a security service. Again, I am a
> not even an educated amateur regarding these things; I just saw that the
> apparent problem was at the gateway; read that DMZplus lets in the most
> information; enabled it and it worked. Of course, this puts more
> reliance on my software firewall; but that's hopefully not an issue.

I think it would be a good test to check whether you still have the
problem after setting your router back to the way it had been. If so,
then clearly your changes were effective---but then I think some further
investigation would be in order as to _why_.


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