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Lebatron jesse_lebreton at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 20 18:25:35 CET 2015

Last night I ran Sekigahara online to see if anyone would join. After an
hour I shut it down. Now today I go back on and notice there is one
person running Sekigahara. Great I think, someone to play with. Then I
discover it's me from last night still lingering on the severs list of
current games running. How long does it take for the servers to flush
shut down games????

Discovering this answers an observation I have made. There are many
games I check on only to discover it's still open by the same person for
several days. I highly doubt someone leaves their computer on and Vassal
open for that period of time. This also answers why when I jump in and
write I get no response, even after I send a wake up. It's not that they
aren't at the computer, its rather they don't even have the vassal
module running.

Why is it like this? Is it all that hard to flush out closed down games?

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