[messages] [Module Design] Game Piece Image Definitions vs other types

FMAlanbrooke vakarr at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 24 05:39:34 CET 2015

Hi, I am wondering which would be best to use, Game Piece Image
Definitions or scanned counters.  I have scanned all the counters but as
they are mostly of the NATO type I am wondering if I should use the Game
Piece Image Definitions instead.  Does this make the game go faster and
reduce the file size?  Can I use both types of counter in the same game?
 There are about 500 counters in my game.  Is there a tutorial or at
least an example somewhere of how to create counters with Game Piece
Image Definitions?  Obviously using them must be tough as there is not
much on the Wiki about them.

  I am totally new to Vassal but I am amazed by this software, it is the
first I have ever seen that truely lives up to it's claim that no
programming is required.  So I have scanned the images and setup the
maps and some other features, now I am wondering which way to go with
the counters.  It seems I might have to edit all the counters to reduce
the number of colours as my files are way over the Vassal limit in size.

Also, is it possible to get a module to play a tune when it starts?  

I have done the tutorial and watched some of the videos but think it
would help to have a page that specifies what order to do things when
making a Vassal module.

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