[messages] [Module Design] Global Properties not being seen by other side

starfish krhogan at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 18:06:55 CET 2015

Let me be a bit more specific.  I created a Dice Button called A1-1d6 
(Action Die 1-six sided die).   The piece on the map follows
A1-1d6_result.   This works fine for the person who hits the master roll
button, which triggers a hotkey on the die on the board. This piece on
the board Has a couple of triggers built in.  One auto-locks the die
(sets a global property to 1) on a roll of 1.  The other triggers the
dice button A1-1d6 IF that die is not currently locked.   This at-stack
counter also has a Layers property called FACES that set the face eqaul
to the value of A1-1d6.    

It is as if the A1-1d6_result value is NOT being synced to the remote
player and thus they do no "see" changes.  This is true of the lock as
well that follows A1-Lock, where 0=unlocked and 1=locked.

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