[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Extension causes wrong counter to be placed by menu command

revnye revnye at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 27 04:02:21 CET 2015

In the Next War: Korea module with the extension, when adding a marker
using the right click menu the first counter in the extension is placed
instead of the marker.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Load Next War: Korea module 1.1 with extension NWK Replacement
Counters.vmdx .95 from Vassal site.
2) Start a new game offline and choose setup 1. Seoul Train as
3) Right click on any unit on the map and choose any command from the
Markers sub-menu under Menus.
4) Note that the PRC 1/1GA HQ appears, rather than the chosen maker.
This counter appears whatever command is chosen from the sub-menu. This
is the first counter in the extension, if it is deleted the next counter
becomes the one that is always placed.

I can work around this behavior by going into the Prototype named Place
Markers and re-selecting the counter for the command to place. However,
the Refresh Counters tool throws an error that the module doesn't have
GPIDs when used. Even this I can work around by deactivating the
extension, at which point the Refresh Counters tool will once again
work. The only problem is that the extension has a map with
reinforcement counters on it which will not be Refreshed.

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