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First of all, you must have a brief knowledge of 6 stats. They're
workrate,  shooting ability (finishing, shot power, long shots),
dribbling (ball control,  dribbing, agility, skill moves), speed
(acceleration, sprint speed), height / weight  / strength/ heading and
weakfoot ability.

Workrate is a vital attribute to gauge a brilliant striker. It'll make a
 ordinary player as a practical striker.

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The workrate combination fit for striker
1. High/ Low – your best option for penalty ball. HL-type ST will
remain inside  frontcourt. Counterattack and attacking will be in the
1st line! You don't  to press LB. He will be running position by

Note: Occurance of double strikers need to have a cheapfifarsgames. 
Typical players - Aguero Santos Nike

2. Med/Low: the best choice for organizing-type striker (because of this
kind of players,  the ML needs to be stronger compared to the HL or HM),
Balotelli and Ibrahimovic work best  representatives. For the defense,
they can't have to pull back. Whenever they attack,  they can control
ball and sweep across the midfield well. Even though players have  to
__Buy FIFA Account[2]__ and shooting ability, the velocity requirement
just isn't high.

Typical players: Messi, Marc Riboud, Sturridge

3. High/ Med: You combines the features of Fifa Coins. This types of
players  is treatable because o they could be the terminators since the
core of set-up players.  If they retreat, his movement and responding
speed less difficult superior to the HL and  ML. About the element of
counterattacking, he can play wide or with the middle.

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