[messages] [Module General Discussion] PanzerFuror 3D?

gvancleef gvancleef at roadrunner.com
Mon Mar 30 10:34:56 CEST 2015

Oh hey.

Basically, I added a zeromq interface that the 3d module can access, and
the game pieces, status, markers are communicated to the 3d front end as
thing happen in the game.

Right now, it's all on ice as I am just working on the game itself. This
is just a concept and would like to develop it further if there is
interest. Either way it is not required.

Latest version of the game 0.a.0.30.7 without this frontend is available
at panzerfuror.com. There is alot of documentation work I have to do
which I hope to finally get on this spring break when I have a nice
block of free time.

Keep in mind this is not PZ/PB although I used it as a framework for the
game. Different sequence of play, fog-of-war, different combat model.

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