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blkhwks19 blkhwks19 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 11 01:24:27 CET 2015

Newbie here, created my first module for the card game Eleminis. It's
very simple and straightforward, so I figured it would make a great
first module to get my feet wet. I think I'm 90% there but have a few
minor questions:

1 - The game is for 2-8 players, so I created a hand for each player
(all hands are 100% publicly visible at all times in this game, there's
no secrets). But if only 4 people play, all 8 hands still appear when
the game starts. Is there a way I can hide any of the hands that are not
needed if there's not enough players for them?

2 - Within each hand, I added a Board under the Map Boards section. I
set the Board width and height to 1000x300, but the hand windows that
show up are square shaped. Any reason why the windows aren't matching
the size of the height/width I specified?

3 - How is a discard pile best handled? Should I create a 2nd deck and
define it as the discard deck, and leave it empty and let players drop
cards there to discard, and set it so its always face up? Or do I just
go without a deck and let players drop discarded cards onto one another,
creating an arbitrary discard pile? Or is there another better method?

4 - Finally, whenever a card is drawn, it can be placed either into the
current players hand or into another players hand. Currently, I cant
drop it into another players hand window. Any idea how to allow this?

Once I get those resolved, I think I should have a playable version to
put out there and let people try!

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