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oldbcgamer gunner_sarge at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 22 19:58:46 CET 2015

I've been trying to figure this Vassal stuff out, and have no idea what
I'm doing.
How do I play ANY game on Vassal?
Is there any instructions I can download to tell me how to move, do
battle, resolve battle, etc etc etc?
I'm in my 60s, which means I want something in paper I can put in front
of me to read and understand.
I've downloaded the Vassal book, but it means nothing to me.
All I want to do is play solitaire games on my computer. There is a
bunch of AH games I have which I'm familiar with.
I can do the Board game, but I can't figure how to apply the basics to
Vassal games.

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