[messages] [Module Design] Visually showing dice in chat window

GJK gary at garykrockover.com
Thu Nov 26 21:13:41 CET 2015

Hi all,

I've noticed that the latest version of VASL has this feature (showing
images of the dice result in the chat window), I'm wondering if there is
a class within VASL that I could import to have my module do the same? 
If so, how customizable (for a non-programmer) is it?  

I have symbolic dice that are attached to an Action Button so that I
could get a sound played when the button is pressed.  Before I had the
symbolic dice show in the toolbar but I've lost that feature by tying it
to an action button.  I tried having the dice show in a pop-up window
but as others have noted, that gets annoying when you lose the focus off
of the chat window.  Therefore, the perfect solution would be if I could
have my symbolic dice show in the chat window.  Is this possible? 

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