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GJK gary at garykrockover.com
Sat Oct 3 08:02:33 CEST 2015

Just an FYI for anybody that has downloaded the module- I've just
completed and am uploading v1.0 of the module.  Teams are now duplicated
and color coded as either "Red" or "Blue".  This will make it easy to
distinguish the sides on the pitch, even when zoomed far out.  Also, it
will make it possible to field two teams of the same race, one being red
and the other being blue obviously.  Finally, the dugouts are only
available for a team based on their color so that you can't accidentally
place a player in the wrong dugout.

This version can be downloaded from http://www.garykrockover.com/BB/[1]
(link near the top of each page).

Feedback and suggestions or recommendations most welcomed!

[1] http://www.garykrockover.com/BB/

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