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b0n3r jpjosey at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 11:35:20 CEST 2015

Thanks Foobarius

I figured I would have to do something like that.

I'm having a new problem now.

Originally my deck GKC would send CTRL R to all cards in the deck. CTRL
R was a send to location trait on the Cargo prototype, sending them to
the active player's Trade Hand.

I decided instead though I needed the DGKC to do two things:
1) Set the global property (so the cards know which deck to return to
2) send the cards

So for each Trade Deck, I want an invisible piece. Where I want the
following process:

Player selects "Trade" DGKC on Trade Deck 1
Trade sends out GKC: SHIFT A
Basic Piece: Trade Counter 1 triggers on SHIFT A, sending out ALT A and
Trade Counter 1 has GKC: ALT CTRL SHIFT R -> CTRL R (where DeckName =
"Trade Deck 1")
Trade Counter 1 sets global property nTrade, ALT A -> 1

Any Cards in Trade Deck 1 get send to location on CTRL R, sending them
to current player's trade hand (this already worked previously)

Problem is... when I select "Trade" on Trading Deck 1, nothing happens.
The cards in that deck no longer receive the CTRL R command.  Can a GKC
not talk to cards in a deck?

I even tried to make the GKC trigger a DGKC, but nope. 

Is it the case that the DGKC only ever applies to the contents of the

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