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b0n3r jpjosey at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 14:13:59 CEST 2015

Yep, i figured the DGKC might have been the issue, I got it working.

I kept the counter (each deck has a label showing the name of the deck
and card count, so used this), gave it a trigger command "Trade" which
triggered a Set Global Property nTrade to 1 (edited this number 1-24 for
each instance of the counter), then do the send to location (player
trade hand) for matching properties DeckName = Trade Deck $nTrade$

Made an irregular grid, defined a region for each deck with the same
coordinates as the respective deck, turned off snapping, named them
TradePost1, TradePost 2 etc

Added a button to the player trade hand which triggers to all pieces in
the current map, hitting a send to location (region) with region name
TradePost$nTrade$ on the cargo card prototype.

Works like a charm, just have to click the deck label instead of the
deck, no biggie, its a big label.

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