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Rindis rindis at backbreaker.com
Tue Oct 13 05:10:46 CEST 2015

Okay. I can't get this to work. Something's wrong, and after a week, I
can't find it.

Here's a link to my test module, which also has a working Global
Variable which does work, and I based the current set up on.

In the "Ship" prototype, you can see the main triggers for both
variables at the bottom.

The first set is for the working value:
1) Start a new game, use any map you like when the dialog comes up.
2) Go to the toolbar, click "Ships" to open up the counter menu.
3) Go to "Klingons", "Markers", "Fleets" in the counter menu. Pull out
the only counter there to the main map. On hover over, you'll see a line
of stats that's largely question marks, but includes "(0 SE)".
4) Click  on "K Home Fleet" in the tool bar to open a sub map.
5) Go back to "Federation" in the counter menu, and pull a CA counter
into the sub map.
6) Hover over of the other marker will now read (in part) "(1 SE)".

And then the part that doesn't work:
1) With a game open, click on "ComPot" in the tool bar to open a sub
2) In the counter menu, go to "Test". Pull the only counter there to the
"ComPot" sub map.
3) Click on "BattleMat" on the tool bar to open another sub map.
4) Go back to the Federation CA in the counter menu. Pull one to the
BattleMat in the blue section with numbers. (Only part with a
functioning grid; log will report the counter as having moved to "A
Line" when you're in the right place.)
5) At this point, the number on the first counter should go from "0" to
"8". ...But doesn't.

Both of these will also work for all the ships in the Klingon section,
but this is slightly simpler. As near as I can tell, the setups for both
variable trackers are the same. I did a quick test at one point, and got
a counter that displayed the first Global variable correctly, so the
counter itself should be good.

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