[messages] [Opponents Wanted] Opponent wanted for LCFV or TBFN

xsquared martin.mackenzie at orange.fr
Thu Oct 15 11:19:03 CEST 2015

Hi again,

I've taken a look at tBfN - as I haven't played it yet, I feel I need to
play around with the system solitaire - before I commit. I don't have
that time at the moment - maybe in the future, but it'll be into 2016 
at the earliest.

I could maybe manage a smallish LCfV scenario - depends on whether that
suits you - no sweat if not.  I looked at "The best three hours fighting
anywhere" scenario last night - I wouldn't want a scenario any bigger,
though there are one or two smaller if you prefer. Also, these scenarios
are quite asymmetric (historical) so there is usually one side that is
really up against it, as regards the victory conditions :). That doesn't
bother me either way, as I just enjoy the gaming and the replaying of

Anyway, take a look - no problem if you decide no - if yes, then we'll
decide the scenario. I'm happy to take either side - no preferences.

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