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allanconner184 alanconner93 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 14:57:56 CEST 2015

"pjf282" wrote:
> Hello Game Developers
> I am not a developer myself but I am looking for someone to develop an
> app/website for me to play my favourite playing card game with my
> friends online.
> It is an obscure game originating from Poland and can't be found on
> any website, so I'll have to pay someone to make it for me I guess -
> anybody interested? 
> It is a trumps based trick winning card game called 'Miz' for 3
> players. It involves each player taking turns to play one of Hearts,
> Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, No Trumps, or 'Miz' (where you need to lose
> tricks) and a 'blind' round where you pick a suit before looking at
> your hand. Each player must play all 7 options through the course of
> the game and each option can be chosen only once, and all options must
> be played - so a total of 21 rounds (this game takes about 2 hours to
> play!) In each round the dealer's target is to win 8 tricks, the
> player to the left 5, and the last position 0. Each player scores plus
> or minus their target score however many tricks they actually win.
> Each player is dealt 13 cards. The dealer gets to swap as many cards
> as they like from the spare hand once they have decided which of the 7
> options to play from their hand. The player to left may swap any
> remaining, and the last positioned player any they leave.
> So who is interested and how much will it cost to get this made either
> as a website, phone app or both? I would prefer it to have the
> functionality for me to vary options for the game (i.e. replace
> 'blind' round with a second 'miz' round or amend the target number of
> tricks to win for each player etc.)
> I look forward to your responses.
> Thanks, Peter

Did you found the app or web for playing card games ?

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