[messages] [Module Design] Re: text label with pieceName? and other questions...

sergut huguitto69 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 18 12:39:18 CEST 2015

Hi there, i am modifying the Valor & Victory module, i want to include
in the pieces a "text label" trait to identify the different units, but
even i put this trait in the correspondent game piece prototype
definition, doesnt appear the label option once i enter in the game and
click right over the piece, i try to put the trait "text label" also
directly in the unit traits without any result, the pieces continue
without giving me the option to write the "text label."

This module, when you pass the mouse over one unit, appears a label with
the hex in which the unit is and the kind of unit, i erase this in the
mapboards and mouse over stack wiever options to see if this was the
reason why "text label" trait doesnt works, but my surprise was that
event i erase the label of the location and kind of unit continue

Maybe is there an activated option that is not allowing to put text
labels to the units?

I really dont know what to do now, is there any one that can help me

Thanks in advance and best regards!!!!!

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