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capi3101 capi3101a at netscape.net
Thu Oct 22 15:54:42 CEST 2015

Howdy all. It's been a few years since I've last visited these forums -
I've largely been working on an RPG campaign these past two years. It's
still not done...

I am glad to see that somebody built a module for _Kriegspiel_; I really
dropped the ball on that one, and I apologize.

As a side project, though, I'm currently working on a VASSAL mod of the
Wing Commander Collectible Card Game. Work has been going along at a
steady pace on that and I'm hoping to be able to post a finished module
sometime in the next week or two for y'all to Share and Enjoy. I am,
however, currently stumped with one of the module's planned features and
could use some help with trying to get it to work. What I'm wanting to
do is to use an "End Turn" button in order to move a "turn shield",
basically just a semi-transparent piece that partially masks the name of
one of the two factions in the game. Push the button, it moves from the
left side of the screen to the right. Push the same button again, it
moves from the right back to the left. I've got the left to right
movement down. The right to left movement...isn't working.

So - basic setup then. I'd got two defined zones on my Main Board,
called "Left Player Tag" and "Right Player Tag". My button is a
Board-Level GKC with Button Text of "End Turn" Key Command of
ALT-CTRL-0. No other traits are filled in.

My turn shield piece has Traits in this order:

  * Basic Piece  * Does not Stack    * Select Piece - Never    * Move
Piece - Never

  * Send to Location - Move Right    * Keyboard Command - ALT-CTRL-8   
* Destination - Zone of Selected Map    * Zone Name - {"Right Player

  * Send to Location - Move Left    * Keyboard Command - ALT-CTRL-9    *
Destination - Zone of Selected Map    * Zone Name - {"Left Player Tag"}

  * Trigger Action - Trigger Left    * Trigger when Properties Match -
{$CurrentZone$=="Right Player Tag"}    * Watch for - ALT-CTRL-0    *
Perform Keystrokes - ALT-CTRL-9

  * Trigger Action - Trigger Right    * Trigger when Properties Match -
{$CurrentZone$=="Left Player Tag"}    * Watch for - ALT-CTRL-0    *
Perform Keystrokes - ALT-CTRL-8

The piece is in an At-Start Stack, which is set to the proper board at
coordinates 450x150, the centerpoint of the Left Player Tag zone. I've
tried selecting Use Grid Location - Left Player Tag but I get a message
when I try to save the module that that is a bad location name, and I
doubt that's the problem anyways.

>From the behavior of the piece, I'm guessing what's going on is that
when I first hit the button, it fires the ALT-CTRL-0, and since the
CurrentZone of the piece is the Left Player Tag, the Trigger Right
shoots the ALT-CTRL-8 and the piece jumps to the Right Player Tag Zone.
The next time I hit the button, the ALT-CTRL-0 is shot but since the
piece isn't in the Left Player Tag anymore, it doesn't fire Trigger
Right and doesn't __try__ to fire Trigger Left for some reason.
Incidentally, when I've tried reversing the order of the two Trigger
Actions, the End Turn button doesn't work at all - and I think it's for
the same reason.

So what gives, y'all? How do I go about getting the mod to behave as it

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