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GJK gary at garykrockover.com
Fri Oct 23 05:59:42 CEST 2015

Probably asked before but I'm not finding quite what I'm looking for in
a search.

I have a prototype for my playing pieces.  This prototype will place a
marker (blood) if the piece is marked as being knocked down on the
board.  This works (and I'm using map layers to put the marker beneath
the piece - works great).  The problem: the piece can also be sent off
to a dead pile which is another map window.  He goes there with a 'send
to location' trait in the prototype.  I would like for it to also leave
a blood marker BEFORE it leaves the main map.  No matter what I've
tried, it first moves the piece to the other map and then places the
blood marker.  I've experimented with trait order but no luck.

A quick breakdown:
ctrl+S "stuns" the piece, which knocks it down on the main map and then
ctrl-alt-x places the (blood) marker.  This works.
shift+k "kills" the piece and the send to location is executed, sending
the piece to the kill pile.  
My trigger action is watching for both of those keystrokes and if
spotted, is to execute the ctrl-alt-x.  

What is a the best approach to change this behavior?


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