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Foobarius alter.alter.ego at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 24 07:54:14 CEST 2015

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If I understand your problem correctly, I believe what you need is for
shift+k to be handled by a single Trigger Action trait, rather than
having both a Trigger Action and a Send to Location trait which handle
the same keystroke.  The new Trigger Action will execute two keystrokes
in order, the first to place the blood marker and the second to move the
piece to the other map.

That is, you need a new keystroke (not visible to the user, so you can
use a 'named keystroke') - let's call it moveKilledPiece.  Your Send to
Location trait should handle moveKilledPiece rather than shift+k, and
your existing Trigger Action also should no longer handle shift+k.  Then
you add a new Trigger Action which does handle shift+k.  This Trigger
Action just executes ctrl-alt-x and then moveKilledPiece.

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