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JoelCFC25 jkoepp at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 26 17:41:54 CET 2015

Try this:  https://db.tt/lrdg7IWm[1]

I got myself confused by the Dynamic Property for Replace, I see why
that's needed (so the piece pulled from the deck goes to the right

Start a brand new blank game--I put an At-Start Stack containing the ADM
piece I modified. I broke this down into a simple Trigger that does 3
steps in sequence:  

1. Change Replace from false to true
2. Dispatch a GKC to 1 item in the deck on the Admirals window
3. Have the ADM piece delete itself

You don't want the GKC at the top module level and don't need global
hotkeys at all. Put the GKC directly into the piece from which it
originates. Also the match condition on your Trigger was preventing it
from happening--this "only happen when Replace is true" was only needed
in the property match expression of the ADM +1 pieces (which you had

[1] https://db.tt/lrdg7IWm

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