[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] "Bad Data in Module" after changing basically nothing

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Oct 27 23:42:48 CET 2015

Thus spake rookiebatman:
> So I just spent a bunch of time editing a module, tediously changing a
> bunch of At-Start Stacks one at a time, and I had them all updated at
> working great, did a New Game to verify that everything was in good
> shape, and then I just added one more At-Start Stack, and all of a
> sudden the whole thing is just gone.  When I went back into New Game
> after that single minor change, all of a sudden it says "Bad Data in
> Module: Image Not Found" for every image in the module, even though I
> haven't done anything with them.  What the hell?  
> ...I was able to fix it by reentering each image that was in the game
> (just for each one once, thankfully; I didn't have to do it for every
> individual duplicate piece).  I'd really love to know why that happened
> so I can make sure it doesn't happen again.

That's not enough information for us to be able to help you. We'd need
an errorLog at least, and possibly the original module and step-by-step
instructions for how to reproduce the problem.

If you can reproduce the problem with a minimal test module, I'll take
a look.


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