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scs sstrait1 at san.rr.com
Sat Dec 3 23:30:53 CET 2016

Some additional things may be useful in following Brent Easton's helpful
reply from July 8, 2014.
This isn't just for Numbered Grids reverting to default values, but for
any misnumbering.

1. The changes are made on the Properties window for Grid Numbering.
2. The very last entry in these properties is a check box called
"Odd-numbered rows numbered higher?" If every other row
has numbers off by 1, or if the difference between desired and actual
numbering is off by 1 in every other row: you should
change this check box.
3. Once #2 is taken care of try adjusting the "Starting number in
vertical:" and the one for horizontal by the difference
between actual and desired numbers. If actual is lower, raise the
starting number, etc.
In other words: (new value)=(old value)+(desired value)-(current value)

Probably the help files should include something about this. I found
Brent's post with Google, but I may have been lucky
or unreasonably persistent.

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