[messages] [General Discussion] Hide pieces (mark moved) functionality

msward1 msward1 at shaw.ca
Tue Dec 6 22:58:32 CET 2016

Anyone understand how the Mark All Unmoved and Hide All Pieces
functionalities were implemented and if something similar can be done
with standard Vassal functionality.

Specifically I'd like the double button (image) functionality (On and
Off) of the hide pieces buttons.
And the all piece command functionality (Mark All Unmoved) of that

So I have a piece trait (on many pieces) which turns the range shading
on and off (circular). I also have a global button which turns all the
piece's range shading on or off (circular). But problem is if you select
a specific piece and turn the shading off on that particular piece when
the all piece range shading is on then the global shading no longer
works as all on or off due to the circular (on / off) nature. Turn all
off that one piece now turns on.

What i'd like is the ability to turn all on globally (those that are
already on don't change) or all off (those that are already off don't

Any gurus out there have any suggestions?

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