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rrvs spideratj at aol.com
Fri Dec 9 14:03:19 CET 2016

No guru, and the two-imaged toggle effect I don't know about, but you
should be able to run a workaround using a Multi-action button acting as
a single on/off toggle.  It'd use a matching property tied to the trait
in order to sync 'em all after individual use.  And you'd probably need
a new global property added too I think, or you could use trigger
actions maybe... but I'll try with a global property below:

First, if the Area of Effect trait doesn't have its own property (I
don't know it, but didn't see one with it), then use a Dynamic Property
as a substitute (which would use the same key command as the trait,
mirroring the trait's action, with no menu command of its own and
looping between 0 and 1).  So effectively the DP is tracking whether
that individual trait is on [1] or off [0].

The new global property you'd add would also loop between those two

The multi-action button would run three actions each time: a GKC
triggering the trait (if global property is 0 and dynamic property is
0); a GKC triggering the trait (if global property is 1 and dynamic
property is 1); and lastly a GKC to a set piece (one that won't get
removed from the game) that would then toggle the global property.

I'm not sure if I got all those details right, but I think something
along those lines should work to re-sync them all, then toggle them all
on/off.  Hope that helps.

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