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DJaye djrost_2000 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 10 19:36:16 CET 2016

Additional Avalon Hill titles that I can make rules and charts from
ahgeneral.org discs are 1776, 1914, Afrika Korps, Air Assault on Crete,
Alexander the Great, Arab Israeli Wars, Bismarck, Blitzkrieg, Caesar at
Alesia, Caesar's Legions, Chancellorsville, Circus Maximus,
Civilization, D-Day, Dune, France 1940, Freedom in the Galaxy,
Gettysburg (all versions), Gladiator, Guadalcanal, Jutland, Kingmaker,
The Longest Day, Luftwaffe, Midway, Panzerblitz, Panzer Leader, Siege of
Jerusalem, Stalingrad (both versions), Starship Troopers, Submarine,
Tobruk, Victory in the Pacific, Victory at Sea, War at Sea, Waterloo and
Wooden Ships & Iron Men


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