[messages] [General Discussion] Understanding module size impacts (solutions)

msward1 msward1 at shaw.ca
Mon Dec 12 16:27:38 CET 2016

I'm trying to understand the impact of modules size (functionalities) on
the usability of a module.
And what impact this size has and how I can rework my modules to make it

To all you Vassal guru's out there I'd like to heard your comments and
I have a module I've just recently completed (sort of) which weighs in
at about 136MB.
In the testing of this modules I've have a plethora of user issues.

Unable to load the module.
Unable to save a module scenario.s
Extremely slow loading of the modules and/or scenarios.
Commands which take minutes to complete.

So I've had users bump their Vassal (and individual scenario) heap
sizes. Helps a little.
I've streamline the module so there are no excess images or files.

Still the module seems to be marginally usable.

So suggestions?

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