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Stiglr allendkrsn at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 17 22:40:34 CET 2016

I have created decks, placed in Map Windows (other than the main map
window), each populated with cards that are set to return to the proper
deck, and all with Mask features set to hide from the opposition, and to
allow observers ability to see both sides' cards.

At first they worked just fine.

However, it came to my attention from a player using the module after
uploading that the decks were behaving erratically. More specifically,
he said they were not Masking/unmasking for the correct players, or not
returning to the decks properly when that command was selected.

When I investigated, not only was the behavior not consistent (either I
couldn't replicate the error, or I would get a different result when I
tried using the features while logged in as a different player side),
but when I tried to rectify the solution by re-building the decks and
their "cards".... what now happens is that the old decks (long since
deleted from the Editor) reappear.... and the new decks disappear
entirely. They're just.... "not there", even though a look at my folder
display in the Editor tells me that they damned well ARE there.

One thing to disclose is that I attempted to use Copy & Paste techniques
to create multiple duplicate "cards" in my decks. The idea of course was
to configure the features ONCE, and then change only the faces of the
cards that needed changing, hoping to avoid errors in configuring each
card. My decks contain mixes such as: 2 instances each of Card A, B, and
C, and 1 instance of Card D; and all the masked sides used the identical
graphic file. Never do the decks have more than 12 total "cards" each.

I have tried opening the various Pre-Defined Setup files in my modules
and doing a Refresh Counters operation... but in one case, where one
deck had gone missing... wouldn't you know it, the Refresh Counters said
that exactly 12 counters couldn't be "found". And there were exactly 12
cards in the missing deck.

Can you help me solve this head-scratcher???

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