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wtgustafson billg at alumni.caltech.edu
Tue Dec 27 00:00:40 CET 2016

> Do you have any idea what's failing when you try running VASSAL.sh
> from 
> the file manager? Running VASSAL.sh from my file manager works (Nemo,
> the 
> file manager in Cinnamon, on Fedora 24). 

I don't know, and once I figured out the workaround, I haven't bothered
to debug it (especially since I prefer to be prompted for shell scripts
generally in the file manager, and don't use the file manager that much
anyway).  I just went back and changed it to "run executable text files
when they are opened" and now it works.  It occurred to me that there
might be something about the first time it runs?  I would just get a
spinny "working" thing on the mouse cursor for 10-15 seconds, and then
that would go away.

Here is the menu access to the setting:

Edit->Preferences->Behavior->Executable Text Files->Ask Each Time

This is under nautilus in default ubuntu.


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