[messages] [Developers] Compiling Vassal from the Command Line on MacOS

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Dec 27 00:38:39 CET 2016

Thus spake trevelyan:
> I wanted to share the following script/Makefile that compiles VASSAL
> from the command-line on MacOS. It uses basic Unix utilities to parse
> through the directories in the distribution recursively, and finds all
> of the necessary .java files and bundles them into a lengthy
> command-line file that compiles the software from scratch without the
> need for an IDE. A second file is also created that can be used to run
> the software.
> Sharing in case it will be of use to those familiar with command-line
> editing but not Java experts. The script requires that people already
> have java/javac installed on their machines, but doesn't need any
> messing around with Netbeans, etc.

Did you not notice that we already have a Makefile?


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