[messages] [Module Design] My module is not moving objects on the other player's screen

Dago dagorlad111 at o2.pl
Thu Dec 29 22:06:44 CET 2016

I search for a similar yet trickier problem. I made a module for my own
game, and yesterday tried testing it with a friend. On normal map, where
troups move, everything was fine. Tricky part is, that the mentioned
problem (that the person, who created this thread, had) exists only on a
SECOND window (or one of the windows, to be exact). if i ever have to
post my module here for my problem to be solved by You, lovely
Community, i will say that the window in which problem exists is the
Dice Arena - for easier dicerolling i "invented" new way for dice to be
introduced to Vassal module, that is - as game pieces with 6 (or
actually 7) layers and with option to only randomly select a layer. That
way dice can be rolled, can be put one next to the other, which is
important for simple showing things to oponent (mechanics of the game
need this OR players would have to use imagination and type much in
every round, which would be painfull a bit). Plus it allows to add
counters for modifiers to CERTAIN die in a certain throw. Aint matter,
what matters is, that each of the players had this bug and didnt see
oponent's dice thrown, even tho he heard sound which then occurs and saw
"player X rolled dice" action report. What the fox? Help pls

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