[messages] [Module Design] Specific card placement in deck required, lower quarter

maxwinbkler13 max_winkler13 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 31 06:07:56 CET 2016

I'm new to this, so please don't beat me up for asking a question that
might have already been answered. I searched for quite a while but
didn't find anything that helps me for my, probably somewhat unusual
For my module for "Zombies!!!" (not listed anywhere yet) I have to
position a single card (the helipad) in the lower quarter of the
Tile-deck. Right now it is probable that we might draw the helipad way
too early in the game. The board game rules specify to manually place
the card in the lower third of the deck after shuffling, and then
shuffle that lower third again by itself.

Would anybody have an idea how I can get this accomplished in Vassal?


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