[messages] [Developers] Switching from svn to git?

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Mon Jan 11 00:26:52 CET 2016

Thus spake zenbitz:
> I just heard about vassal 4, I feel strongly that that it should be in
> git/github.  I know that for OCS (one of my favorite game systems) there
> is a bunch of extra code that got added, but it's not in any useful
> repo.
> Github is *the* place for OSS projects now.  It's where people will
> look, it's where people will find it to contribute.
Using Git and GitHub for hosting the repo has long been my plan for V4.

Moving the current codebase isn't worth the effort, in my opinion, and
I say this after having tried several times to do a history-preserving
conversion from SVN to Git.


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