[messages] [Module Design] Add player names to map board?

Xintho cy13285 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 20:46:31 CET 2016

Sorry in advance as I've only used Vassal a few times before.

I'm trying to build a module for Secret Hitler. I have regions on the
map board for each player that may join the game with them all labeled
1-10. I would like to have the players names either auto-fill or have a
token that could be placed above each section that dictates the
logged-in name of each player.

Here is the current board that I am using. http://imgur.com/yLdu9rx[1]

It's a game that supports 5-10 players so if there's another solution
that could work a little better than just having to use 10 sections that
would be really appreciated as well. Thank you.

[1] http://imgur.com/yLdu9rx

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