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PaulC paul_chicoine at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 9 05:08:45 CEST 2016

Yes luck does seem like it would need to be part of the solution.    It
appears that the Private Window only appears at the Module level and
there appears no means of creating a Private Windows within a Chart Map
Window.   This would be a useful feature because it would allow you to
only see the setup pieces once you select a side (while eliminating the
omni-presence ability to your opponents setup pieces).   This is very
frustrating trying to figure this out, when all I want to do is bind the
Map to a player side.

So when I created the Private Window and specified my OOB Map an
interesting side-effect occurred.   When I launched the module and
selected a side, the OOB Map appeared with my Main Map beneath it, but
when I closed the OOB Map the Main Map also closed.   This lead me to
believe that the Private Window - Maps are only really used as Main Maps
(meaning an identical map for each player) instead of being generic to
any Map.   So in the end... sad to say... no luck.

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