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Tim M timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 9 16:20:18 CEST 2016

Couple of things - yes the traits are backwards but this only minor
problem, the main problem is trait built logic. Each trigger depends on
the onmove keystroke and each time at least 2 triggers are firing 1 for
leaving a zone and 1 for entering another zone (so which came first?
chicken or egg scenario). RRVS noted this above somewhat

The logic needs a lot more definition for what you are trying to do.
You should have 3 start off trigger listening for the onmove keystroke
based on where you moved to that then branches out to each possible
combination of work you want to do.

so the 3 start off triggers would be:
Start1 when CurrentZone = PC1 listen keystroke 'onmove' execute
keystroke 'gotoPC1'
Start2 when CurrentZone = PC2 listen keystroke 'onmove' execute
keystroke 'gotoPC2'
Start3 when CurrentZone = PC3 listen keystroke 'onmove' execute
keystroke 'gotoPC3'

and from each one of these start off triggers you would have triggers
based on where they came from that do the actual work ( so in the case
of PC1  you would have 2 triggers:
PC2 to PC1 when OldZone = PC2 listen keystroke GotoPC1 execute keystroke
unsetC, decTSPC2, incTSPC1, setC
PC3 to PC1 when OldZone = PC3 listen keystroke GotoPC1 execute keystroke
unsetC, decTSPC3, incTSPC1, setC

rinse repeat  the 2 above for PC2 and PC3 changing props/keystrokes as

This prevents trigger collision which you currently have ongoing and
unexpected results like you are seeing. You follow 1 path to its end
without triggering another path.

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