[messages] [Developers] Adding new properties to counters and Setup Sheets

PaulC paul_chicoine at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 15 02:25:34 CEST 2016

Thanks Brent, that certainly explains the behavior I was seeing.  
Didn't realize how the Refresh Counters worked, that's a good tip to
remember.    One reason that I'm running into problems is that I'm hard
charging to VASSALize this module and I am running into some
capabilities that may or may not be fully supported in the engine.    I
know exactly what I want to accomplish, just not how to do it within
VASSAL.  This new game is a double blind system with no referee,
therefore a single map with all units on it hidden.   I also want the
OOB (counter sheet) to be visible only to the player playing that side. 
 I've gotten the Player Hand to work, but because of the Stacking bug,
it really isn't usable because I need the counters stacked on it (not
tiled).   Is there any chance this bug can be moved up in priority?   As
far as I can tell it is the only mechanism to offer a hidden player
setup sheet or a hidden player card hand.

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