[messages] [Module Design] How To Identify Invisible Units

PaulC paul_chicoine at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 17 17:59:01 CEST 2016

I took a look at this and it might be more complicated in my module.  
I'm using the Layers to flip between degraded states on the playing
pieces.   It appears that there can be only one Layer per counter
defined and I don't see how it can be defined for multiple purposes,
such as having one CTRL-D key flip between the degraded counter states,
and a CTRL-I that allows it to make it invisible to all other players
while marking it to the owning player that it is now invisible.

Is there a way to get Layers serve a dual purpose?   Or are there other
ways to "tag" a counter to indicate that it is visible or invisible,
meaning it could be as simple as adding text along its border whenever
it accidentally becomes invisible.

Perhaps another way is that they are always invisible, which would do
the trick.   How would one make their entire OOB invisible as a default
setting?   Perhaps if Invisible had some "property" that could just be
set in the counter Prototype.

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