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Sun Jun 19 15:58:03 CEST 2016

So there's a slight hiccup with the text layer set-up, that being an
empty (no image) layer won't activate (at least w/o a Menu Command).  By
this I mean if you take the image out of Nelud's invisible layer idea,
then the trigger you used for invisibility trait will no longer activate
that layer (or wouldn't for me when I ran a quick check).  Not sure if
that's by design or a bug.

Easily fixed though... just change your invisible layer to ALWAYS ACTIVE
and LOOP THRU LEVELS (both checked).  On Increase Level, leave the menu
command blank and put your Invisible trait trigger as the Increase Level
key (CTRL I, if using the invisible trait's default trigger key).  Now
you want 2 levels for this layer (so you probably need to add one
level).  Both levels (Image 1 and Image 2) should have (No Image) and
"Double-click here to add a new image" in their image spaces to the
left.  Finally, as you want the visible units to be the ones
highlighted, select Image 1 and write VISIBLE in Image 1's Level Name
area.  For Image 2 (the second level), keep its Level Name completely

Now add a new Text Label trait to the unit.  In its Text space you want
to write this:


Replace the  <layer_name>  portion of that with the name of your
invisible layer trait that you just worked on.  What this does is print
whatever the assigned name is for the level that layer is currently at. 
Since the layer starts at level 1 (which you assigned VISIBLE as its
level name), that will be printed over the unit at the start.  When you
trigger the invisible trait, that layer will advance to level 2, which
has no name... so nothing will be written.  When you trigger invisible
off, since the invisible layer loops levels, it'll go back to level 1...

You'll need to tweak the font size and offset positioning as you want
it.  I don't know if there's a way to make it flash.  I'd start with 30
bold font size, "Center" all four positioning/justification settings,
and maybe like a bright green color.  Oh, clear the Menu Command space,
which is unneeded.

Hope I explained this well, but feel free to ask for clarification.  And
use the Layer trait's help button too btw.  The help button in vassal is
amazingly helpful.

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